Rosemount Library Update

From: Emily Addison <>
Date: January 10, 2017 at 2:25 PM
Subject: Rosemount Library update for Community Associations

Dear Community Association Contacts for READ and Community Association Presidents,

Happy New Year and thanks again so much for your support and participation to date in supporting the Rosemount Library redevelopment efforts. This is a brief update from READ regarding the Rosemount library branch.

On December 14th, city council passed the Ottawa Public Library’s 2017 budget. That budget included OPL’s decision to suspend any renovation planning for Rosemount while they conduct a business case during the first half of 2017. This was the decision READ and Councillor Leiper were advocating for as it means that OPL will look at the viability of building a new (expanded!) Rosemount. Visit the following link if you want to read the presentations made at the board meeting on behalf of this direction:

READ continues to be active as there is still much more work to do. We have just sent OPL staff the following three considerations we recommend they include as part of the business case:

  • Size: Given data comparison with similar branches and community consultation feedback, there is strong argument for a new Rosemount Library to be at least 10,000sqft, even more with the current population plus expected projections. Thus, READ strongly recommends that the OPL look at 10,000sqft as the minimum and 12,500 sqft.or more as the real need.
  • Various partnership models: We know that the OPL as built library branches as part of to community and/or civic centres (St-Laurent, Beaverbrook, Greely, Constance Bay, Nepean Centrepointe etc) ā€“ we support this civic partnership approach. Additionally, we urge the OPL to consider partnerships in other public sector forms, particularly with affordable housing as this could greatly lower costs (building/maintenance) and could result in federal infrastructure money targeted at such projects. (We know our local MP is supportive of this idea.)
  • Ongoing community engagement: We encourage the OPL to engage with READ, Community Associations, and the wider community when continuing to research possibilities and plans for Rosemount. As community members, we have insight and information of use to the OPL to create a successful Business Plan and library in what is a more challenging part of the city (the urban core).

Essentially, we want to encourage OPL to continue to work towards making a greatly expanded Rosemount happen and that the community can help facilitate that process.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions/suggestions. Also. a quick note that you or other representations from your community association are always welcome at our montly meetings. The next one is January 16th from 7-9pm at the Hintonburg Community Centre.

With much thanks,
Emily Addison
READ Vice-Chair