137 Carleton Advance Proposal

Subject: Advance Notice: Proposal to build a semi-detached at 137 Carleton Avenue.
Date: Sun, 8 Jan 2017 23:56:36 -0500
From: pearhea@aol.com

This is an advance notice regarding a proposal to build a peak-roofed semi-detached house at 137 Carleton Avenue.  The builder’s Agent provided the attached notice, inviting comments on this proposal, which meets all of the new Infill 1 and 2 By-law provisions.   A date has not yet been set for the Committee of Adjustment hearing.

The builder will ask for the same minor variances on lot width and area that the Committee of Adjustment and the Ontario Municipal Board routinely approve, due to the Provincial directions on intensification.

Background information:

In 2014, Exception 2159 reinstated Champlain Park’s 6 metre front yard setback, and the 4.5 metre side yard set back for corner lots, that had been in effect up until 2008.

Infill 1 gave us “The streetscape sets your rules”.  A Streetscape analysis is required to show dominant patterns of front yard setback (due to our Exception, 6 metres applies regardless), side yard setback, driveway widths, and sidewalk width and placement.

Infill 2 gave us 8.5 m height to the midpoint of the roof (previously was 11 m), a sliding scale for rear yard setback that increases the set back for all but the shallowest of lots (previously was 7.5 m), a limit on the size of rooftop accesses and decks, controls on rear yard balconies, and on the size of rear yard decks based on their height above ground, plus other provisions.

The following table provides a comparison between key provisions and the proposal:

By-law Provision re: Champlain Park Exception 2159 137 Carleton Avenue Proposal
Front Yard Setback 6 metres (20 feet) Min. 6.03 (20 feet)
By-Law (Infill 1&2) provisions 137 Carleton Avenue Comparison
Height (to midline of roof) 8.5 metres (28 feet) Max. 8.46 (27.36 feet)
Side Yard Setbacks 1.2 metres (4 feet) Min. 1.28 (4.2 feet)
Rear Yard Setback 8.534 metres (28 feet) Min. 8.58 (28.2 feet)
Driveway width 2.75 metres (9 feet) Max. 2.54 metres (8.34 feet)

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