Water Rangers Meeting – become a Citizen Scientist – November 29

Want to know more about the river that runs past our shore? Do you wish you could swim safely either at Westboro Beach or in the Carleton Avenue area?

Are you interested in fishing and wonder what kind of fish you might catch near our shores? You and your friends could become citizen scientists and build up a storage of knowledge about the river, its health, issues around it, and how we can improve it in our own neighbourhood and also in its entire length.

Come to a meeting on Nov. 29 at 7:15 p.m. at the Champlain Park Field House on Cowley Ave, in Champlain Park. Kat Kavanagh, the Designer and Executine Director of the Water Rangers Website will explain how the Water Rangers web site can be used to build up knowledge of local areas of the river over time by recording information on the web site on a regular basis. For example one of you could record such items as when ice has formed in the fall at a particular spot (say the bay at Carleton Ave), and when it has gone out of that bay in the spring. Where city information is available that could be used to add to the knowledge.

Kat Kavanagh, Executive Director