Champlain Speaker Paper Editions Archive

We now have a web page with our collection of recent paper editions of the Champlain Speaker, in PDF format. These are the ones delivered to the doorsteps of our neighbourhood by a band of volunteers (thanks!), with some production support from the Ottawa Citizen (thanks too!).

The list on our main web page was getting too big, so now the archive has its own page at

2 responses to “Champlain Speaker Paper Editions Archive

  1. Would you like older copies of the Champlain Speaker for the archives? I am clearing out my papers of various kinds and would forward any speakers if you tell me which ones you now have, e,g, from 2013 perhaps and which ones you would like e,g, before 2013 or before 2010 as appropriate. Amy Steele

  2. It would be really nice to have as many back issues as possible for the web site. I’ll get in touch via e-mail.