NCC Ottawa (Civic) Hospital Relocation Survey

The NCC is consulting the public about the new location of the Civic hospital. Since one of the locations is the nearby Tunney’s Pasture campus, and it’s a locally used hospital, I think it’s worthwhile to point out the NCC’s survey, which is available until October 6th. Have a look at:

– Alex

2 thoughts on “NCC Ottawa (Civic) Hospital Relocation Survey

  1. The survey asks for a ranking of important factors in the evaluation of the decision. The preservation of agricultural land is one of those factors. Unless I misread it, that is a bit of a slant by the NCC. I don’t think the average vaguely-informed person will connect that factor to the cessation of scientific research; what will leap to mind for some might be the paving over of a rural cornfield.

    But thanks for forwarding the survey.


  2. The Civic is presently accessible to the Heart Institute. Moving it directly across the street makes logical sense to continue this accessibility.

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