Local Vandalism

Hello Champlain Park community members:

We have had a couple of incidences of vandalism via the use of projectiles into people’s homes through their front windows.

The first incident was reported to me on August 27 2015. The first incident appears to have been caused by the use of an air gun or pellet gun. The second, most recent incident, occurred on or about June 21 or 22 2016 around late evening around 11:00 pm. Both incidences occurred on Clearview Avenue. I have no information on what may have cause the second incident. Both resulted in serious damage, which will cost the homeowners.

I would ask that Champlain Park community members be on the look-out for anyone in the neighbourhood – as I’m sure you already do – who appears to be loitering. These two incidences, which resulted in damage to property, could simply be a result of bored youth. But, they could be a precursor to other property damage.

Destruction of property is of course not acceptable. We would ask that anyone who see something “out of the ordinary”, please contact me. Please provide me with all the details you are able to gather. If, however, your property is damaged, please report it to the Ottawa Police Service and let me know as well. The Ottawa Police Service will be able to better track these types of incidences when they are reported.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Sarah Livermore
Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator, Champlain Park

One response to “Local Vandalism

  1. As they both happened on Clearview with the second at a low-traffic time of night, I’d suggest the culprit(s) might also be firing from a passing car as they speed through the neighbourhood.