Buckthorn Removal in the Little Woods – May 20 Reminder

Date: Thu, 19 May 2016 14:48:11 +0000
From: Eloise <collison@aei.ca>

A Reminder: Buckthorn removal in the Little Woods, Friday May 20th.

On Friday May 20th a group of hard working volunteers will be removing buckthorn from the Little Woods at the corner of Patricia and Clearview With the help of the city of Ottawa we will be removing this thorny shrub, so that native trees can have a chance to thrive.
We will be working on the site from 9 am to noon.
Come and help, for the morning or whatever time you can spare.
There will be some tools, but extra pruning saws, secateurs, and loppers would be welcome.

Grade 4 children from Elmdale school will be planting trees on the site in the afternoon. Let us know what you think of the transformation!

For more information contact
Eloise Holland