Rideau River and Climate Talk – May 5

Subject: Roundtable Speaker Series on Climate Change along the Rideau
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2016 14:35:21 -0400
From: Rideau Roundtable <>

Hello everyone:

As community organization leaders and leaders in the not-for-profit sector around Ottawa, we wanted to invite you to attend a talk on May 5th at 7:00 by climate scientist Paul Hamilton and water management expert Paul Lehman. This talk on climate change in and around the Rideau watershed (the poster for the event is attached) is part of the Rideau Roundtable’s annual speaker series – the theme this year is climate change. The venue for this talk is the Kanata Seniors Centre – 2500 Campeau Drive (part of the Mlacak Centre, behind the library).

Paul Hamilton has been studying and documenting climate change in the north for years, working with other limnologists to determine what the climate patterns looked like across the millennia. Paul Lehman is the General Manager of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and his group uses climate science to determine how to establish the appropriate water levels along his river’s watershed to avoid flooding while allowing the river to remain a sustainable ecosystem and to allow it to support community and commercial uses. If you are interested in how climate change will effect those of us living and working in the Ottawa area, this is the talk to attend. Attendance is free and there is lots of free parking available at the facility.

On a related issue, many of you will know that 2014-2015 was a very successful year for the Rideau Roundtable. We carried out a very well received voyageur canoe race during Rideau Paddlefest, creating lots of buzz about our organization in the general public and in our partner organizations in Smiths Falls and community; we hosted a voyageur canoe tour for the diplomatic community during the Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) Ottawa Paddlefest event in May; our Rideau Experience (REX) program carried out 19 interpretive tours of the Rideau waterway involving hundreds of participants; we helped a number of people get their Paddle Canada “Big Canoe Leader” certification; and we hosted a very successful speaker series that garnered a lot of support from our members and from the general community.

Immediately prior to this presentation on the impact of climate change on the Rideau River, we will be having our Annual General Meeting at the same venue (5:00PM to 6:30PM). Why not come out to the talk early and participate in the AGM and take the opportunity to join or renew your membership with the Rideau Roundtable. Our 2015-2016 membership fees are $15 for an individual membership or $25 for a family membership.

Once again, we look forward to seeing you at the speaker series event and at our AGM.


Kenneth Gourlay
Membership coordinator

Peter Au


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