Local Break-ins

Subject: Break-ins – Champlain Park
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 15:27:35 -0400
From: Sarah Livermore <sarah.livermore@hotmail.com>

Hello Champlain Park community members:

There have been break-ins in the Champlain Park area.

Constable Dawn Neilly-Sylvestre has done a check and there have been two reported break and enters from April 17th and 18th in our neigbourhood. One was on Clearview Avenue and the other was on Patricia Avenue. In both cases reported, the rear door was kicked in and the residents were away from the home.

Constable Neilly-Sylvestre would like residents to inform the police about any break and enters. Any information will assist the in linking the instances and in catching a suspect. As well, any video or image surveillance should be sent to either Constable Neilly-Sylvestre (neillyd@ottawapolice.ca) or Detective (Det) Angela Robinson (robinsona@ottawapolice.ca).

If you witness a suspicious person who is not normally seen in your area, please call the police and let them know. Be as specific as possible. State what you believed they were doing (i.e. checking out different houses or cars); what they look like; the last known direction of travel; and if they were on foot, bike or car.

The number to call if a break and enter is in progress is 911. If you are calling after-the-fact, call 613-230-6211 and Ottawa Police Service officers will be sent to you. Again, any video is to be sent to Det Angela Robinson (robinsona@ottawapolice.ca) or to Constable Dawn Neilly-Sylvestre (neillyd@ottawapolice.ca).

As an FYI, here are important phone numbers you should keep on your fridge (or on your phone):

  • life threatening emergency or crime in progress: 911
  • other emergencies: 613-230-6211
  • telephone report: 613-236-1222 ext. 7300

I would ask that anyone who has made a report to inform me, so I can assist Const. Neilly to track the incidences.

Thank you.


Sarah Livermore