Spring Cleanup 2016 Summary

Just following up on the Spring Cleanup

We had a good turnout this year, about 20 people and families signed in and I heard that a team of around 4 people sponsored by Glad came from Wakefield (saw them leaving at the end in their yellow shirts). Glad also provided the garbage bags, looks like we had about the right amount. The same can’t be said for the home baked cookies, which ran out before the baker could have one!

Andrea and Ian seemed to have everything in hand, even down to fridge magnets from the city’s “Tim Hortons Cleaning the Capital” program, beverages for the volunteers, a campaign map and so on. Thanks for setting it up and staffing mission control!

Signing Up and Getting Supplies
20160423_100156_AS_6587 Signing up

Fridge Magnet
20160423_113749_AS_6606 Cleaning the Capital Fridge Magnet

20160423_113726_AS_6604 Cleaning the Capital Sticker

Campaign Map with Post-it™ notes claiming work areas
20160423_112401_AS_6602 Campaign Map

I found lots of candy wrappers, plastic cups, cigarette packs, lighters, cigarette butts, plastic bags, beverage cans, plastic water bottles and such things, mostly near the woods at the school. Weirdly, no glass bottles and just one glass fragment. But I also found a few noteworthy items:

First off, an unusual brass Allen Wrench. Usually they’re silver steel. This was in an area on Pontiac with noticable contractor debris, such as electrical wire insulation strippings.
20160423_101306_AS_6588 A rare Brass Allen Wrench

On the opposite corner of the neighbourhood on Patricia, I found this magnifying glass keychain.
20160423_103437_AS_6589 Magnifying Glass

Getting closer to the school area on Patricia, and the woods, here’s yet another glove. Seems to be designed for cartoon characters, with only four fingers.
20160423_105324_AS_6592 One Glove of Many

A blue golf ball stands out on a sunny day (great weather today for working outside).
20160423_105814_AS_6593 Blue Golf Ball

A piece of tile. Wonder where it came from.
20160423_105938_AS_6594 Tile Fragment

This assortment of garbage is brought to you by the letter O. Made of foam.
20160423_110409_AS_6595 Foam Letter O

Close to a school gate is the remains of a lesson on cooking with mud. The felt marker beside the pot is for taking notes? I left this behind since it didn’t seem to be garbage.
20160423_110504_AS_6596 Lesson on Cooking with Mud

I was surprised to see this bow tie. A closer look reveals that it is a hair ribbon accessory.
20160423_110739_AS_6598 Bow Tie Hair Ribbon

One of the lighters I found. Other people were finding them too.
20160423_111043_AS_6599 Cigaratte Lighter

Another team found an antique car leaf spring in the forest. It seems to have been halved with a cutting torch.
20160423_112448_AS_6603 Car Leaf Spring

Ian Reid with the mysterious, helpful people from planet GLAD (via Wakefield). Photo and description courtesy of Andrea Murphy.
20160423 Ian Reid and Glad Team

The final result of all this work is an even larger pile of garbage. Just think how many candy wrappers are there!
20160423_120457_AS_6610 Our Garbage Pile

Thanks everyone for pitching in and cleaning up.

If you have stories or photos of interesting items, I can add them to this post. Send them to champlainpark@hotmail.ca or tweet them to @ChamplainPark.

– Alex

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    1. I echo Heather’s comment. Great Work Andrea & Ian (who have done this for a number of years). Thank You to all of the volunteers, to the sponsors, and of course to Alex for an interesting write-up and photo display!

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