Safe Streets Ottawa Petition

Subject: Safe Streets Ottawa update: over 400 signatures!
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2016 12:13:35 +0000


Thanks again for taking the time to fill our the petition. So far, we’ve received the support of more than 400 Ottawan’s from across the city. We’ve also attracted a tremendous amount of media attention, including from the Ottawa Citizen, CTV, CFRA, 1310 News, and Metro Ottawa.

The support so far has been tremendous, but there’s still more to do before Council votes on this . We need your help!

Please consider sharing the petition with your friends, family, and other followers through facebook, twitter, email and word of mouth. If everyone that has signed up so far can get just one more person to sign, we will double our numbers.

Here’s some sample messages you can just copy and paste:

  • I believe Ottawa police need the best tools to combat speeding. Tell your councillor at! #ottcity (tweet it!)
  • I told my councillor that I want more action on speeding in my neighbourhood. You should too! #ottcity (tweet it!)
  • Does speeding make you feel unsafe in your neighbourhood? Tell your councillor! #ottcity (tweet it!)

Thanks again for your support!
Kevin and Mike,

One thought on “Safe Streets Ottawa Petition

  1. For me, it’s not speed that’s a problem. While walking, I’ve had more close calls with cars backing out of driveways than problems with speeders. Photo radar isn’t going to help with that, though in-car backup cameras could be quite an improvement.

    Automatic braking when the car detects an obstacle (, if that works for backing up, would also make things safer for walking. For that matter, automatic braking when going forward would cut down the collision risks from speeding (though by only 1/3 It’s likely to be standard equipment by 2022.

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