Proposed Traffic Congestion and Roads Pricing Study at next CPCA Meeting – March 17

You are invited:

When: On March 17th at 7:30pm.

A proposed road tolls study will be the first item of business at the CPCA Executive meeting at the Champlain Park field-house. A complete CPCA Agenda will be sent out shortly.

Why: To discuss whether the CPCA Executive should join other community associations in recommending that City Council commission a study on traffic congestion and road pricing in conjunction with the next Transportation Master Plan Update.

It’s an important issue, one that will eventually impact all residents, regardless of what is done or not done.

What: We want your views, either on-line in response to this notice or, better still, at the March 17th session.

Background: There’s been recent media coverage on the deteriorating state of Ottawa’s roads and of ever-increasing city-wide congestion. Councillor Chernushenko has tabled a motion with the Transportation Committee of Council proposing that the City authorize a study “of different user-pay pricing approaches as a means of reducing urban congestion and encouraging a modal shift away from private vehicle use as well as meeting the increased costs of maintaining City roads”.

Councillor Chernushenko’s motion also proposes the the most feasible and effective options identified in the proposed study be included as recommendations in the Transportation Master Plan update.

Mayor Watson has come out against a study of the issue. Others would prefer the matter to be studied to better enable Council to make a fact-based decision as to how best to pay for the repair of deteriorating roads and to deal with the increasingly negative consequences and costs of ever growing City-wide congestion.

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