“The 25th Hour – If A Tree Falls” Video on Protecting Champlain Park Trees

Subject: Video by Carleton U students features tree protection in Champlain Park
Date: Sat, 5 Dec 2015 14:11:36 -0500
From: Debra Huron <>

Daniel Buckles and Erin Topping, with her children, are featured in a new video by four Carleton University journalism students. Councillor Jeff Leiper is also interviewed in the video, produced by Amy Thatcher, Craig Lord, Owen Maxwell and Aishu Ravishankar.

The students’ video looks at the conflict between large trees in our neighbourhood and the large footprint infill doubles and large private homes being built:

While many of us think that celebrating our large bur oaks is a good thing, I want to be clear that just as many people are indifferent or even hostile to what seems like a motherhood issue: protecting the healthy, mature trees that beautify the neighbourhood. I have had someone tell me, “The bur oak is not an endangered species; why should we be concerned about it?”

My answer is that the bur oaks in our neighbourhood ARE endangered, due to human activities and the city’s infill policy which allows builders to squeeze buildings into every sq. foot of space on lots. Other trees on the endangered list, based on those that have died recently, are silver maples and black walnuts. While I appreciate what Councillor Leiper has to say about “push-back” with the Planning department to amend the size of buildings, I want to know how this can happen in the face of an Official Plan that supports infill development and a lack of coordination among Forestry Services, planning, building permit, legal, and by-law enforcement departments within the City? This may be something to explore with our Councillor at his next Ward Forum, slated for early January 2016.

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