Kitchssippi Parking Strategy Update

Subject: Kitchssippi Parking Strategy – Westboro Update
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2015 19:02:02 +0000

Good afternoon,

This is a follow-up to the on-going work we are doing tied to the Kitchissippi Parking Strategy. I am reaching out to provide an update specific to Westboro. Since early 2015, we have been working towards clarifying parking issues in both Westboro and Wellington West, ultimately towards identifying solutions as part of a broader strategy that will cover both areas.

Westboro has been a focus with respect to parking for some time now, subject to a previous study that ran from 2011 to 2013 and comprehensive levels of data collection in the interim that have helped to guide the current initiative. To this point in 2015, there has been an effort to connect with stakeholders in order to both convey information and receive feedback. This has been done through a Public Town Hall meeting and direct contact with the Westboro Village BIA, the different community associations and other groups. The information gained from the various comments and pieces of feedback is very important to our process. This consultation process will continue into 2016, so we continue to welcome any feedback and would be more than happy to sit down with anybody to discuss parking in Westboro.

I have included two attachments with this e-mail:

· Summary of Feedback To-Date – A roll-up of the different things we have heard either through meetings or via e-mail.

· Parking Management Toolbox – This is in response to requests we received for better information to help build an improved understanding of the different tools that are considered as part of any parking study process.

Going forward in Westboro, we will continue our process to clarify issues and discuss potential solutions. It is expected that the resulting Kitchissippi Parking Management Strategy will be finalized by mid-2016.

Concurrent with the work being done in Westboro, we have been in the midst of data collection Wellington West for the last few months and are currently in the process of reviewing all of this information in order to develop a clearer picture of what is happening in terms of parking supply and demand in that area. There will be a Public Open House for Wellington West in early 2016 (likely February).

Information related to the Kitchissippi Parking Strategy remains available at Shortly, there will be updates posted which will include summary study data.

I look forward to continuing to connect with different members of the community. Again, please don’t hesitate to pass any comments forward or let me know if there are any questions related to the process.

We will be sure to provide information on the status of the studies as things progress.


Scott Caldwell – Program Manager, Parking Studies
Parking Services
Public Works
City of Ottawa
Office: 613-580-2424 ext. 27581
Cell Phone: 613-614-3155

One response to “Kitchssippi Parking Strategy Update

  1. Champlain Park has some parking problems caused by Tunney’s Pasture. Many years ago one hour parking was put in place on Northwestern and Carleton and that has been very effective as far as I know. However Cowley was not included in that provision and the north end of Cowley is now full of cars. A group of seniors including several in their late eighties meet at the Field House on Wednesday afternoons and find they have to park some distance from the door. One suggestion might be to set out about 6 spaces on the street marked as reserved for users of the Field House. I saw such a sign near a Field House in Lowertown. Would such a sign be acceptable on Cowley?