Door-to-door Salesman Warning

From: “Neilly, Dawn R” <>
Date: October 30, 2015 at 10:07:16 AM EDT
Subject: RE: Man soliciting at the door today

Hi Everyone,

I received this message about a door-to-door scam where the subject is wearing an id badge with “consumer information” as the company. They do have a web site but the subject’s story does not seem legitimate. Make your own calls, but beware of who you let into your homes and don’t feel pressured by persistence and assertiveness. I have added the OPS web page for door to door tips.


Cst. Dawn Neilly-Sylvestre| Badge #1520
Community Police Centre – 1064 Wellington St
Ottawa Police Service | P.O. Box 9634, Station T, Ottawa, Ontario K1G 6H5
613.236.1222, Ext: 5871 | 613-295-2790|

We may want to put out an alert about a man who came to my door this afternoon. He was wearing an id badge with ‘consumer information’ as the company. He started out saying he wanted to check the “filtration” in my water main. When I asked him what needed to be checked, he said that it had to do with Enbridge and they would have sent a memo with my last bill that he would be in the area. I stepped out on the porch to talk to him and he reeked of marijuana. I told him I had received nothing from Enbridge and I did not let unexpected people in my house. He left, heading toward Wellington.

White male in his 40’s, about 6’2 and heavy set. He was dressed in blue and white-pants, jacket and toque. His hair was covered, but it seemed to have a little strawberry blonde coming out from under the toque.

Not sure what he was after.

I called to report him to the police.

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