Annual General Meeting – November 19

Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA) AGM

Thursday November 19, 2015
Champlain Park Fieldhouse @ 7:15 PM

Election of Officers and Call for Volunteers

  • You can ask to be nominated for any of the positions listed in the attached organizational chart
  • Names of current nominees are listed on the chart. Most are current executive members who are willing to stay on.
  • However we are actively seeking new board members.
    Some positions can be shared as there is always plenty to do. For example, we have 2 Co-Chairs.
  • We also have an executive position called “Member at Large”. This allows people to be on the executive without a specific “portfolio” and to contribute in a variety of ways as per your interests. Some of our current board members started as Member at Large and then “specialized”.
  • Please see the organizational chart to get some ideas of how you might contribute if you are interested in becoming an executive member or non-executive volunteer.
  • If you are thinking of joining the executive/board in the future, attending some of our open executive meetings (advertised on our website) is a good way to familiarize yourself with the work of the community association.

Contact (for info or to be added to the slate of executive/board member nominees for the election):
CoChair1, (leave name, phone number, position/type of volunteer work of interest)

In addition to exec/board nominees, we are looking for the following types of Volunteers:

  • All committees welcome new members
  • Coordinators for next year’s Halloween party are needed; this year it did not happen due to lack of volunteers to co-ordinate. Contact Carol Arnason
  • Membership Drive happens in the spring and is an important source of revenue for the association. We need door to door canvassers, who each take on a block or two of homes. Contact Boris Jacouty
  • Neighbourhood Watch requires block captains. Contact Sarah Livermore


  1. Approval of minutes of 2014 AGM
  2. Committee Reports (should take about 30 minutes).
    1. Development Committee – Heather
    2. Social – Carol
    3. Traffic and Federation of Citizens Association (FCA)- Roland
    4. Environment Committee – Nick
  3. Planning Exercise – Nick (10 mins)
  4. Treasurer’s Report and Membership Report – Joan (5 minutes)
  5. Election of Executive for 2015/16 CoChair1 (10 minutes)
  6. Guest speaker with Q & A – City Councillor for Kitchissippi Ward, Jeff Lieper (45 minutes, with 8:25 p.m. start time)
  7. Adjournment

Champlain Park Organization Chart Updated 27Oct2015.jpeg
Champlain Park Organization Chart Updated 27Oct2015.pdf