212 Northwestern Redevelopment Hearing or Adjournment

Subject: Proposal to redevelop 212 Northwestern Avenue – COA Adjournment Request
Date: Mon, 13 Jul 2015 20:56:19 -0400

Late last week, the CPCA Development Committee received a Committee of Adjustment (COA) Notice of a COA Hearing regarding a proposal to build a double on the property at 212 Northwestern Avenue. The Hearing date is July 22nd.

The Agent for the Owner has told us that they will request an Adjournment at the COA, to allow them time to meet with the CPCA Development Committee and consult with community members. We will attend the Hearing in support of this request for Adjournment.

The COA Hearing Notice is attached. We expect to receive a new Hearing date on July 22nd.

A meeting will be scheduled in the Fieldhouse regarding this proposal, once we have more information. People in the 60 metre Notification circle will receive a flyer. The community meeting Notice also will be posted on the web site.

Please get in touch if you have questions about the proposal.

Thank you,

Heather Pearl
CPCA Co-chair and Development Committee Member

COA Notice 212 (210) NW 1507080001
COA Notice 212 (210) NW 1507080001.pdf

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