Infill II Update

Subject: Infill II update
Date: Sun, 28 Jun 2015 19:57:21 +0000
From: CoChair1

Below is an update from Jeff Lieper’s newsletter (you can subscribe from Jeff’s website and have it sent to your e-mail address). See highlight related to Jeff’s work with Heather and I, which was very much appreciated. He also mentioned our involvement with appreciation when he spoke at Planning Committee on June 24 (when the By-law amendment was passed).

In summary, this was a successful outcome for our community’s R1 and R2, especially the reduced heights from 11 m. down to 8.5 m, and the elimination of the proposed extra 1 m. of height for duplexes. (Unfortunately some of the other residential zones (R3 and R4) that we worked with through the FCA were less satisfied with height outcomes for their communities.)


From Jeff Lieper’s Newsletter:

Amended Infill II rules pass Council

On Wednesday, Council passed “Infill II” – a package of zoning changes that will rein in the size of infill developments. New infills will be required to provide more generous setbacks and longer back yards. The height limits for infills in many of our residential zones have also been reduced. Projections such as rooftop patio access are also being made to be less obtrusive and set further back. The new rules are the result of months of discussion between communities, builders and City planners. I was very pleased to work closely with, particularly, the Champlain Park Community Association to accomplish one significant amendment to what was passed at Planning Commitee: a lower height for duplexes in our R2 zones for the sake of consistency and to provide a clear signal to the Committee of Adjustment. The new infill by-law is now in its appeal period, and may yet be challenged at the Ontario Municipal Board by any of the parties who participated in the process.