Door to Door Scam Warning

Subject: Scam alert
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 2015 18:57:54 -0400
From: Dawn Neilly <>

Cheryl Parrott is passing on the following information:

Another scam is operating in the Hintonburg neighbourhood, this time by Ontario Energy Group.

A rep shows up at your door (today it was a very pushy blond girl in her 20’s with a lot of makeup on) and asks questions about your home heating and air system. Then you are told by the rep that they need access to the inside of your house so that they can do a “visual”. At that point I said no, then was told that someone else would come by later and try again because a “visual” was mandatory, to which I again said no. The rep left, annoyed, but who knows, maybe later they’ll try again.

I did read up on the company and they exist as an HVAC sales company, but in no way are they “official” anythings. There have been complaints about them in the past and sometimes they operate under another name.

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