Amy’s Corner Column – NCC Forest, Walking Road Side

Subject: Re: Amy’s corner column
Date: Fri, 1 May 2015 18:50:31 -0400
From: Amy Steele <>

It’s been a long time since I wrote a column. With age one slows down a bit and getting married again also results in a busier life. However since I cannot go on May 7 to the lab re the Parkway I thought I would urge some of you to go and speak up for our “bush”. I understand that Adrian and Dennis have already been speaking to the NCC. It would be ideal if the NCC could preserve the well treed parts but also get rid of some of the invasive species such as buckthorn and I believe they have included that idea in their discussions. Another suggestion is perhaps a community garden in the open parts. Right now the woods are in bloom in some sections – there is a lovely patch of trout lilies near the north end of Patricia and there are also violets in various parts. I suggest we have a local meeting soon so all interested can discuss what we feel should happen to the area before the chance to decide about our own wishes is lost to others’ ideas. Also perhaps we could consider acting as stewards of the area and over time try to improve it by perhaps doing a one day project every year, such as getting rid of one small patch of buckthorn bushes. If any of you have any specific information about areas of the bush such as nesting birds perhaps they could ensure that the NCC and the local community has the information as well.

I have another bee in my bonnet. When I was in school we were taught that in Canada we should walk on the left side of the road. As this quote from a safety site says “Use the sidewalk, or, if there is no sidewalk, walk on the side of the road facing traffic.” So why do I see the many of the people (from I believe Tunney’s Pasture) who like to walk in our neighbourhood at noon, using the right side? This also occurs in other neighbourhoods since I have noticed it elsewhere even when they have young children with them. As the number of bicycles on the streets has increased they need to watch for them as well as cars. I have seen a mother and a child using the right side on a street where speeding is a problem. I can understand it to some point in our relatively quiet neighbourhood but on busier streets it seems rather foolhardy. Has the practice of teaching children this excellent rule fallen by the wayside? The rationale is evident – you see what is coming. As a visitor to England you quickly learn that the rule must be changed to keep to the right so that you can see the traffic. Perhaps some newcomers to Canada may not yet have managed to change their habits and that is why I am noticing it more than I can remember seeing.

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  1. pennyinacastle

    I’m so glad you said what kind of bush that was growing on NCC property (buckthorn). I have been wondering what it was.