Spring Cleanup Photo Essay

I went to the Spring Cleanup today and took some photos…

First, we met up at the fieldhouse, with Debra dressed up as the Spring greeter:
20150425_100249_AS_2994 Debra Huron the Spring Cleanup Greeter
Debra’s hat:
20150425_100239_AS_2993 Debra's Spring Leaves Hat
Coffee, cookies and other refreshments awaited:
20150425_100406_AS_2995 Cookies for volunteers
On the assignment map I slapped down a post-it note to claim Pontiac street from Patricia on eastwards. Of course, being next to the school and at a secluded corner, there was lots of litter, starting with zillions of cigarette butts.
20150425_101748_AS_3004 Cigarette butt detail
There were also dumped piles of construction debris, next to a car with someone sleeping in it.
20150425_102159_AS_3005 Pile of concrete debris at Patricia and Pontiac
Ironically, a few metres away was a sign about not littering.
20150425_102302_AS_3007 No littering sign nearby
Typical of the school area were candy wrappers and plastic bottles of cheap brandy (I found two, other people in other areas found more, and a passing dog walker reported finding similar stuff (and cleaning it up) on their daily expedition). I also found some blue earbuds, an eye safety visor, a large plastic flower pot, broken glass bottles of assorted types, a pile of hair (apparently it doesn’t biodegrade quickly), a downed telephone line, and assorted bits of paper. There’s lots more garbage remaining in the woods on the other side of the fence, since I only had time to do the road side up to the gate to the forest path.
20150425_104145_AS_3011 More brandy and candy wrappers
After a couple of hours out in the nice cool sunny weather, everyone brought their garbage bags back to the fieldhouse. Each one contains debris from a block or two of street.
20150425_120050_AS_3016 Some of the garbage bags, each is a block or two of garbage
I stuck around for a bit of snacking and chatting at the fieldhouse, and then it was time to go home. Thanks go to Andrea and Ian for organizing it.

– Alex

3 responses to “Spring Cleanup Photo Essay

  1. Ellen Lougheed

    Well done, everyone. It’s a nasty, sometimes dangerous job, but you did it, did it well, and with humour.

  2. Date: Sun, 26 Apr 2015 16:26:51 +0000
    From: Lynne Bankier <>

    I would like to thank Ian and Andrea for organizing, Debra for adding to the fun with her costume, and everyone who participated in the Spring Clean-Up, on behalf of the CPCA executive!

    Lynne Bankier
    CPCA Co-Chair

  3. Thank you, Alex, for noting my presence at this event. I was wearing the tree mascot that a group representing tree protection advocates from community associations in Kitchissippi Ward created this spring. The mascot represents a mature, healthy tree that nobody wants to cut down! If members of the Champlain Park CA wish to use the tree mascot for events, they may ask to borrow it from me. Get your membership card during the spring membership canvass, or help to do some canvassing yourself! Contact me 613 859-8049. Many thanks to Champlain Park CA and Westboro Beach CA for funding creation of the mascot, and to to Catherine Shearer and Linda Landreville of Champlain Park for putting in long hours sewing the mascot. Helpers from various community associations also lent a hand.