Save door-to-door delivery

From: Debra Huron <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 2015 12:03:35 -0400
Subject: Please post to website and list:Save door-to-door delivery

A meeting next Wednesday features two city councillors and a former director of the postal workers unions.

If you prefer that greenspace in our urban core not be filled up with metal mailboxes, attend this meeting.

City of Ottawa needs to get on board; many other cities across Canada are fighting the move to put group mailboxes in urban neighbourhoods.

If you are on Facebook, here’s a link to the event

If not, see the attached PDF.

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2 responses to “Save door-to-door delivery

  1. Interesting…………….we already know that our mailboxes have been selected, where they will be placed and we were given a box number. I know this because Canada Post sent a notice telling us that boxes will be installed soon. I had to call to find out which kind of boxes and how many people they would service. They did not have an answer for that question. They opened a file to get back to me, but they have not yet. Not sure exactly when they will be placed either.

    Are the community associations just meeting about this now?

    Karen Your Westboro neighbour

    • The meeting next week is being convened by a citzens’ group and will be attended by politicians whom I assume are interested in convincing City Council to oppose these boxes in the urban core.
      Many cities are doing so but not Ottawa , so far.