City Budget Fails on Promised Climate Action

The City budget 2015 goes to full City Council on March 11.

Last spring City Council approved its 2014 Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan which promised many initiatives including five specifically for inclusion in the 2015 budget.

A number of Champlain Park residents have been particularly active in promoting climate action at the City and were very pleased with the attitude of Councillors including Jeff Leiper at election time last fall.

However, we should be disappointed now because of those five recommended budget items, only one is included in the budget.

All hope is not lost though, and you can help.

The budget sets aside $34 million for “priority initiatives” which may or may not include climate change depending on what the new council decides are its “Term of Council Priorities.” The city website lists some suggested priorities here and it is notable that climate change is not among them.

Certainly Jeff Leiper and Environment Committee Chair David Chernushenko agree that climate change is a priority, but they will have to convince their peers.

Telling Jeff Leiper that you agree that climate change should be a priority will strengthen that position.

To contact Jeff Leiper
phone (613) 580-2485 or

More info from Ecology Ottawa can be found here (including specific initiatives that the City had promised).

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