Safe Streets Working Group : Looking for Community Input

Our Ward Councillor, Jeff Leiper, has initiated a Safe Streets Working Group to document all of the dangerous spots and intersections along our streets. Jeff sees this Working Group as a way to create a complete inventory of places that can be tweaked through better street design and traffic calming measures to make our streets safer for all.

The Working Group consists of representatives from each of the Community Associations in the Ward and interested residents, as well as Anne Duggan, the Safe Streets Working Group co-ordinator. Roland Dorsay is our Champlain Park representative on the Working Group.

All residents are invited to send information about any traffic safety trouble spots in our area to Anne Duggan at as well as Roland at by March 6.

What we are looking for is specific spots where it is difficult to cross the street, where accidents are more frequent than the norm, where speeding is a concern and/or safety is otherwise compromised. If you have concerns about any such locations, let us know where they are, with a brief description of the problem and a suggested solution if you have one. This is a great opportunity to have our traffic safety concerns given serious consideration.

Roland Dorsay

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