Call for Canvassers – 2014 Membership Drive

Champlain Park Membership Drive

 It’s that time again! We need your help!

If you have a few free hours to spare and would like take-part in helping us to sustain our beautiful community and at the same time meet your fellow neighbours? Please read further for volunteering details.

Your time and efforts will be greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance!

Duties:  Canvass approx. 20 homes on your street
Required: 1-2 hours of your time
For High school students: Sign up to earn your volunteering credits

The 2014 Champlain Park Community Association Membership Drive begins May 26.

To volunteer as a canvasser please contact:
Barbara Borylo-Gourdie
phone: 613-722-6829;

CANVASSERS are the core of our Community Association’s fundraising effort.  Revenues collected from our annual membership drive enable a variety of activities in our community, including:

  • Contributing directly to your community’s well-being; and
  • Providing financial resources to the Development Fund

Neighbourhood social events: (for families and children of all ages)

  • Halloween party
  • Winter Carnival
  • Christmas sleigh ride

This year, our Community Association needs 20 volunteers to help out with the membership drive. Our goal this year is to increase our Community Association memberships to 75 percent of all households.