Scott / O-Train / Albert Pathway Safety Audit – April 24

Subject: Fwd: Pathway Safety Audit Apr 24
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 18:22:30 -0400
From: Heather Pearl <>

I suggest that we post this request and poster on our web site. Many years ago I was involved in helping to make arrangements and review the report for a safety audit that was done for Tunney’s Pasture. A safety audit creates a rational basis for highlighting and correcting problems.


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From: Cheryl Parrott <>
Date: 15 April 2014 17:55
Subject: Pathway Safety Audit Apr 24

We need volunteers to help with a Safety Audit of the Multi-Use Pathways on the north side of Scott and Albert streets and the proposed new multi-use pathway on the north side of Bayview Transitway Station – that will go through the Bayview Yards.

This audit is being done with the Women’s Initiatives for Safer Environments. (see attached).

The Pedestrian & Cycling Safety Audit done by RTG last year has still not been released despite repeated request. We do not know who did it, when or what criteria were used. So we will do our own audits. The first is this safety audit.

So I am looking for at least 12 women to help with this audit. Men are welcome too but we particularly want women. There will be a fair amount of walking for some of the areas.

Date: Thur Apr 24 – rain or shine
Time: 7:15pm to get instructions and audit forms
Audit start: about 8pm– when it is dark
7:15pm Meeting Place for instructions: to be determined.

This audit needs to be done in the dark. So it will start about 8pm. We will split into groups of 3 – 1 person will be the recorder. Please bring flashlights so the recorder can see what they are writing.

Group 1 – will look at the area for the proposed path from Bayview ( north of Scott)
Group 2 – will look at the area for the proposed path from the O-Train
Group 3 – will look at the multi-use path on the north side of Scott from Bayview to Holland
Group 4 – will look at the multi-use path on the north side of Albert from Bayview to Empress

If we have enough people we can split the area for group 3 & 4 into an A & B – so the walk is not so long.

I will send the info and evaluation criteria out once I know who is able to help.

Please reply if you are able to come and help.


Sorry if you get this more than once.


WISEIFSE2014 Community Safety Audits Info Sheet.pdf