Addendum to Mosque Site Plan

This is an addendum to the Update on Ottawa Mosque Site and Landscape Plans post.

Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2014 00:51:27 +0000
From: CoChair1

Accompanying the approval of a site plan is a by-law amendment to allow commercial parking on the original mosque lands (about 22 spaces I believe).  Everyone within 120 metres of the property will be receiving a written notice of this by-law when it proceeds to City Council.

There is a very long history related to commercial parking for Tunney’s Pasture employees at the Ottawa Mosque (which went on for many years).  In a nutshell, we managed to have covenants put on their purchase of the new land (which was formerly leased from the federal government) to disallow commercial parking for a period of 20 years from the 2007 transaction date.  However, the city regulations did allow them to request commercial parking on their previously owned much smaller lot, which they did, and which we agreed to (as the NW church had a similar small volume of commercial parking).  This was a compromise, as a result of a lot of public process and negotiation which CPCA was involved with.

For more info on the Mosque site plan you can contact the City Planner as follows: