Update on Infill By-Law

Subject: FW: Update on Infill By-Law
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 02:02:18 +0000
From: CoChair1

This link is a good summary from the Ottawa Citizen of what transpired at Planning Committee on March 25.


The first 2 attached documents are the CPCA exec motion to support the revised by-law and the presentation given by CoChair1 at the Planning Committee meeting.

The 3rd document is the report by Planning and Growth Management that went to Planning Committee on March 25. The 4th document is the current version of the infill by-law.

Note that the strictest provisions between the original version of the infill by-law (2012) and the comprehensive zoning by-law (2008) are in effect until the revised by-law is reviewed and enacted by the OMB.

CoChair1, will attend a follow-up meeting organized by the Planning and Growth Management Department that includes some community representatives and representatives of the building/development community, to further refine the technical details of the By-law before it goes to City Council for final approval in May.

Champlain Park Community Association
[Infill Example]

  1. CPCA Motion on Draft Revisions for Bylaw 2012-147 Planning Committee 25March2014.pdf
  2. CPCA Presentation to Planning Committee By-Law 2012-147 25March2014 rev.pdf
  3. Planning Committee March 25 2014 Draft Revisions to Infill By-law.pdf
  4. By-Law 2012-147 in effect until revised approved by OMB.pdf