New Infill Housing and Conversions By-Law – Passed Committee Stage

Our councillor has an article about work on the new infill bylaw at:

It’s the same thing discussed at a meeting last week.

I was there, and can say that those Westboro people were really annoyed at some of the infill projects which they think had gone too far (Kirchoffer Avenue was one example of less trees, more asphalt). Apparently parking problems divide families (garages, driveways, street parking, lack of green space), planning rules aren’t always enforced, trees get destroyed, and back yards aren’t as regulated as front yards. Though the new bylaw does fix some of the things (parking, landscaping, building and garage limits), but only for front yards.

The city planner’s presentation mentioned indirectly one trick to avoid the proliferation of driveways and asphalt in ever shrinking lot sizes: build over the driveway, giving more floor space for a given lot size. Another is to have a common driveway shared between multiple owners (cars parked at the rear or elsewhere). I suspect we’ll be seeing more of that type of architecture.

– Alex

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