New Infill Zoning By-laws – Meeting March 18

From: CoChair1
Subject: Infill and Powerpoint Presentations
Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2014 03:16:14 +0000

Please see attached a meeting notice and background document, Planning Department’s Powerpoint Presentation and Streetscape Analysis form that demonstrates how the revised infill by-law for mature neighbourhoods proposes to address compatibility in mature neighbourhoods.

The by-law is under review and will go to Planning Committee on March 25, 2014.

Meeting Notice: New Infill Zoning By-laws

Tuesday, March 18, 2014
7:00 p.m.
Churchill Seniors Centre, 345 Richmond Road

Guest: Alain Miguelez
City of Ottawa Planning and Growth Management Department

Hosted by: Westboro Beach Community Association. WBCA have invited Champlain Park and other communities to attend. We will not have a separate meeting, so this is your opportunity to find out more.


Our neighbourhood, and other established neighbourhoods, have long complained about the lack of compatibility of new infill homes in mature neighbourhoods. The City has listened and over the past couple of years has undertaken to study infill, and to make changes to infill zoning by-laws.

The by-law that came into effect in May 2012 was appealed by the development industry, and a revised version is being presented to Planning Committee on March 25.

During the past months, Alain Miguelez, (Program Manager, Zoning, Intensification and Neighbourhoods, City of Ottawa) has provided numerous opportunities for communities and builders to work together with the Planning Department with the common goals of discussing, testing and improving the by-law provisions. CPCA Co-Chairs Heather Pearl and CoChair1 have participated in these consultations.

Heather and CoChair1 have also been part of a Federation of Citizens’ Association multi-community working group which provided feedback to Alain’s team. We have also communicated Champlain Park’s specific concerns and questions. Our focus has been on improving by-law provisions that help to preserve the greenspace and trees that are characteristic of our community.

The new zoning by-law will apply to all new home construction and to existing properties. They will apply to YOU if you plan renovations or additions to your home and will affect you as new infill continues to be built in our community.

Meeting Notice Infill I Alain Miguelez March 18 2014.pdf


Powerpoint Alain Feb 2014 Summary of Infill By-law to OSCA doc 4.jpeg
Powerpoint Alain Feb 2014 Summary of Infill By-law to OSCA doc 4.pdf