Spotlight On… Katherine Hobbs! – February 22

On a lighter side, a local comedy group is “interviewing” our city councillor. I’ve seen them before, acting out responses to questions from the audience. For example one guest was asked by the audience “what was your worst night ever?”, she then told a story about having to stay at a really cheap hotel. The actors improvised, and somewhat exaggerated the scene, wandering through the hotel room and imaginarily picking up things, like blood soaked sheets and discovering some disgusting messes and a knife in the bathroom.

Could be an interesting night, funny and revealing if you can come up with the right questions.

– Alex

Crush Improv brings you Spotlight On… Katherine Hobbs!
Saturday, February 22 @ 8pm
Centrepointe Studio Theatre
Tickets are $12

One response to “Spotlight On… Katherine Hobbs! – February 22

  1. Katherine told some good stories, and the improv team mostly ignored them until the final quarter (that water bottle ball pit with sharks was just too unconnected – though the Jaws piano accompaniment worked well). Then at the end the combination of a continental bus trip, BC sweat lodges and other events from Katherine’s life were fascinating enough to make it into the improv. Wish there was more time for her stories too; they’re pretty interesting.

    – Alex