Fieldhouse Oak and Historical Timeline Installation Follow-up

On December 21st 2013, we had the unveiling of two city of Ottawa sponsored monuments at the fieldhouse. The unveiling was attended by numerous residents, Cowley family members, councillor Katherine Hobbs and MPP Yasir Naqvi.

Just to follow up on the unveiling event (see previous post), we have a few photos, videos and articles to mention.

The Champlain Oaks web site has several articles on the production of the oak tree slice, and a little write-up about the event. They also point out a larger article that describes the event and background story by Steph Willems and published by Ottawa Community News.

A slice of an oak tree cut down for house development was preserved and the rings labelled with key dates. It’s now on display outside the fieldhouse in a custom case, with the addition of two new park benches you can sit on while admiring it.
Tree Slice Installation

Inside the fieldhouse, the timeline of neighbourhood history (enhanced with photos and museum grade professional text in both languages) was mounted on the wall.
Section of the Historical Timeline on the Fieldhouse Wall

Here are some of the people responsible for getting it done (see Katherine Hobb’s full speech for the full list), from left to right: Mark and Brian (builders), Katherine Hobbs (city councillor), Yasir Naqvi (MPP), Daniel Buckles and Debra Huron (community organizers).
20131221 The People Responsible.jpeg

We also have videos of the unveiling:

Higher quality version: 20131221-tree-unveiling.mp4

Higher quality version: 20131221-timeline-unveiling.mp4

You can also view the whole ceremony and speeches in 20131221-tree-whole.mp4 and 20131221-timeline-whole.mp4 Sorry about the clattering noise, due to a camera microphone malfunction. A high definition 720p version exists, but was too big to post here.

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  2. That was me – camera guy, video editor, copy writer, HTML fixer. Also had to do sound processing to get the volume up and even, so I’m a sound guy too.