Near West Public School Accommodation Review – Nov. 1 Deadline

2013PublicSchoolOptionAMap.jpegThis is a followup to the previous Near West Accommodation Review – October 24 post.

Reminder: Please submit your survey and comments regarding the Near West Accommodation Review options. Deadline Nov 1st, midnight.

We really need to hear from Champlain Park Residents.

On-line survey at:
There’s also a printable PDF survey document at

Or send feedback to: and

Here is a summary of the options presented at the Oct 25th Public Meeting. (For more detailed info, please see )


  • Fisher Park adds JK-6 EFI (draws from Elmdale & Devonshire catchments).
  • Elmdale becomes single track JK-6 EFI, modified boundries, and ENG splits between Hilson & Connaught
  • Devonshire remains JK-6 EFI, with modified boundaries.


  • Elmdale becomes single track JK-6 EFI and ENG splits between Hilson & Connaught.
  • Connaught becomes JK-6 EFI and draws from Devonshire boundaries
  • Elmdale EFI remains intact and OCDSB invests in retrofit initiatives to create space in the school


Relief valve for Option C

  • Fisher Park Adds Grade 6 ENG/EFI to Option C above


  • Elmdale becomes single track EFI and its ENG splits between Hilson and Connaught
  • Devonshire and Elmdale Becomes JK-3 EFI,
  • Fisher Park becomes 4-8 (draws from Elmdale and Devonshire catchments).