Near West Accommodation Review – October 24

Near West Accommodation Review

Impacted Schools are

Elmdale Public School
Devonshire Public School
Connaught Public School
Hilson Public School
Fisher Park Public School

The final Public Meeting regarding the Near West Accommodation Review will be on Thursday October 24th at 7 pm in the auditorium at Fisher Park Public School.

There are still several potential solutions to the overcrowding issues at Elmdale and Devonshire but they differ somewhat from the ones presented in June. Carefully evaluate the Scenarios, provide us, and the Board, with questions and feedback, to AND

ALL Scenarios have Elmdale’s ENG removed from Elmdale. The program splits east to Connaught (all children south of the Queensway) and west (all children north of the Queensway) to Hilson.

The Working Group recognizes that none of the scenarios are ideal and there remains elements that remain an issue. The working group is a group of community volunteers who have spent countless hours discussing the issues and possibilities. It has not been an easy process.

Please see the Board’s website for all meeting information and slides from the previous presentation.