Infill – Staff response to OMB Interim Order

Duncan and CoChair1 of the CPCA Development Committee attended this presentation. There were a number of other community associations as well as development industry members there (including some that we have worked with).  Many questions were asked.  However, because this is before the OMB and the Divisional court, the presentation was for public information only and not for further input.  Rather, a recommendation is being made by Council in response to an OMB order, and the OMB will make the final decisions.

Some highlights:  The revised infill zoning by-law recommendation (in response to an OMB Decision based on an industry Appeal of the new by-law provisions) will be:

  • to extend the provisions to renovation of old dwellings, as well as to new infill,
  • to expand the comparison properties to five lots in all directions of the subject property,
  • and to refine the definition of “character” based on some defined parameters that have been identified

Further details are included in the presentation and report, so please read these.

Infill Phase II will focus on height, building envelope, rear and side yard set-backs and will not duplicate the parameters of Infill Phase I.   Our Development Committee is participating in this new consultation and CoChair1 will be making a short presentation (in tandem with Carlington CA)  at a workshop on June 24.  Note that building height has been identified as an issue by a number of communities, and was also addressed  at a talk by an urban planner at the Federation of Citizens’ Associations AGM.   Height is one of the parameters that contribute to the “building envelope” which equates to building volume.

Subject: Infill – Staff response to OMB Interim Order
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2013 21:34:48 +0000

Good afternoon,

Yesterday evening staff held a public information session to present the outline of the recommended response to the OMB’s Interim Order of March 8th 2013. Attached for your information is a PDF of the presentation, and below is a link to e-Agendas where you will find the staff report scheduled for next week’s Planning Committee.

Please feel free to distribute to members of your associations that might have an interest.

Best regards,

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Planning and Growth Management Dept. | Service de l’Urbanisme et de la Gestion de la croissance
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