Discussions on improvements in the Park! All are welcome!

We’re talking about Park Improvements!

 Thursday, March 7, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. in the Fieldhouse

Residents are invited to speak with Councillor Katherine Hobbs about ways to enhance Champlain Park, and discuss a proposal to redevelop the Northwestern Avenue median as a small linear park.  Money for park improvement and creation will be provided from the Cash-in-lieu of Parkland fund, to which developers contribute each time that they build new housing.

Please send your comments and ideas to Councillor Hobbs at:  Please c.c. Heather Pearl at:

The meeting will be divided into two parts.

1) Proposals to enhance the community Park

What do kids think is needed to make their park more fun?  Teens?  Parents?  Older people?  To get the ball rolling, here are some proposals that residents already are making:

  • A playground aficionado is requesting better monkey bars and a splash pad.
  • A parent wonders if there might be a way to access the Fieldhouse washrooms from the outside, e.g. with a code?
  • Celebrate the community’s human and natural history with an installation at the Fieldhouse.  Daniel Buckles and Debra Huron have done great work to rediscover our community’s history.  There’s a link between our community and Samuel deChamplain’s astrolabe, which could be incorporated into the installation. Bur oaks always have been an important feature of this area.  We have access to a large slab from the bur oak that was felled on Northwestern Ave. in 2011.  It too could become part of this installation.
  • Build a gazebo, to be used as a small bandstand or stage/performance space.
  • Install outdoor exercise stations, or an exercise area, with chin-up bars, etc.
  • Put in some benches, bins and water fountains

More ideas are welcome!

2) Proposal to redevelop the Northwestern Avenue median as a park

The concept would be to create what is called a “Passive Park”. Passive parks can be for contemplation. They do not have to be wide or have pathways. They may have gardens and some benches.  Parks such as this are very common in European cities.

In this case, the trees planted in the median would be better protected than they are now, more trees could be planted and the city could have a landscape architect design appropriately-scaled gardens. The park would be cared for.

Currently, the median, is not being cared for. Trees on the median are being bashed, broken, crushed and smothered by heavy equipment, trucks and piles of debris from construction activity.  If the median becomes an official, landscaped park, this will be far less likely to occur

Champlain Park residents, and residents living on Northwestern Avenue in particular, are invited to comment and participate.  There will be public consultation on any proposed design for a Northwestern linear park.


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