AGM Call for Nominations and Volunteers – 2012

Call for Nominations and Volunteers
Champlain Park Community Association

The AGM is scheduled for November 15 at 7:30 PM, Champlain Park Fieldhouse.  If you would like to become an executive member or volunteer, we need you!

The attached chart shows incumbents who are willing to retain their positions and continue to offer the benefit of their experience to the association; it also shows vacant positions.

Executive positions are filled by election and any position can be contested.  However, there is enough work to go around in this busy central neighbourhood such that anybody wishing to volunteer will find a place, either on the executive or as a volunteer.

The chart shows executive and non-executive positions. Executive members participate in the decision-making process for the organization.  In order to offer an “entry” point for new executive members, we have created a role called “Member at Large”.  There are no specific responsibilities, but the position offers community members an opportunity to participate  in the decision-making process and to define their areas of interest.

Volunteers Urgently Needed: 
If interested, e-mail Heather (
 or CoChair1

Treasurer (Executive):   Oversees the Financial business of the CPCA.  Interfaces between the executive and other volunteers performing financial functions.  Book-keeping role is performed by a non-executive volunteer.  Formal accounting education desirable but not required; ability to work comfortably with numbers and spreadsheets is required.

General Business (Can be either executive or non-executive):  Annual incorporation report and other business needs that may arise.

Fund-Raising Volunteer  (Can be either executive or non-executive)

Membership Drive Canvassers

Committees: E-mail one of contact people listed in chart.

Champlain Park Organization Chart Updated 30October2012.pdf