Bur Oak Saplings for National Tree Day

Dear neighbours,

Thanks to the efforts of squirrels and the stewardship of Daniel Buckles, we have four bur oak saplings that are ready to be planted. The acorns were overwintered in pots that sat outdoors and the saplings have now matured to the point where they can be planted. (see attached photo of the four sisters).

[Oak Seedlings in Pots]
Oak Seedlings ready for Planting
This morning, the City of Ottawa agreed to allow Daniel to plant two of the bur oak saplings on the median (boulevard) on Northwestern Ave. to replace two city-planted bur oaks that died in recent months. Those trees had been planted last year by the city but were sourced from a nursery, not from the local trees in the neighbourhood.

Our plans to celebrate National Tree Day [learn more here: http://www.treecanada.ca/national-tree-day/pages.php?lang=en&page=home] in Champlain Park include getting school children involved in the planting of bur oaks. I’ll keep you posted on this as plans develop–and I welcome your suggestions and ideas. However, since only two trees can be planted on the NW Ave. median, we have two more bur oaks looking for a home.

Would you be interested in planting a baby bur oak on your property? If so, we can make one available to you and arrange to plant it on National Tree Day–Wednesday Sept. 26. The space where it is planted should be away from hydro lines or overhangs. These trees grow to be very tall and sturdy. Here at the northern edge of the species range, they can live for 300 years. The largest and oldest of the bur oaks in Champlain Park are 180 years or older.

Please contact the keeper of the trees: Daniel Buckles dbuckles@sympatico.ca or phone him at 613-722-8048.

Sincerely, Debra

Debra Isabel Huron