Membership Drive 2012 results

Your Membership Made a Difference

As Co-ordinator of this year’s Membership Drive I wanted to show you how we did:

  • 250 households in Champlain Park purchased memberships this year.
  • This year’s drive raised nearly $3800 for the Champlain Park Community Association (CPCA).
  • In addition to the memberships, 14  households donated an extra $190 targeted for  the CPCA Development Fund.
  • We raised more this year (almost $3800) versus $2400 last year.  However, our better results this year are due to the increased membership fee.
  • Overall, 62 % of our community’s households chose to purchase a membership this year; that rate remains unchanged from last year.

These results would not have been possible without the hours and efforts our team of 15 canvassers dedicated to this year’s drive.  Specifically I would like to recognize:

§       Pauline Rubarth and David Constant who stepped up to be canvassers for the first time;

§       Patrick Mates, Chris Liebenberg and David Gourdie who each cracked $300 in collections on their respective routes;

§       Will Egan is our youngest and returning canvasser who demonstrates community involvement is ageless; and finally,

§       Secretary1, whose efforts resulted in 100 percent participation of her neighbours on Daniel Avenue.

On behalf of CPCA I would like to thank all of the canvassers for a tremendous job well done!!  We could not have done it without you!

Please note: 

We will NEED more canvassers for next year.  Think about it … do it!

As this year’s official Membership Drive is now over, anyone who has not yet purchased a membership and wishes to do so, or wishes to make a donation to the CPCA Development Fund, please contact me at 613-722-6829 or by email:

Barbara Borylo-Gourdie
CPCA Membership Drive Co-Ordinator