UPDATED First Local Renewable Energy Investment Opportunity in Ottawa

UPDATE: The first share offering closed Aug 27 and succeeded amazingly. It overshot it’s $500k target, reaching in excess of $900k! There will be more opportunities to come in the future.

Have you been wanting to get involved in solar power but don’t have a sunny roof? Want to shift your long term investments into local, green investment options? You can do just that through the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op (OREC).

I found out about OREC through Ecology Ottawa and I’m investing because I want to support more green energy use and generation in Ottawa and because OREC have signed agreements and approvals.

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative officially launched their investment opportunities on June 16th at the Ottawa Solar Fair, meaning that there is now, for the first time in Ottawa, an opportunity to invest in a community-owned solar power project in Ottawa. There are only a few co-ops in Ontario taking similar initiatives and Ottawa’s co-op is one of the farthest along.

The investments are through preference shares which sell for a minimum of $5000 and pay out dividends of approximately 5% for 20 years, along with a return of the capital. Only members can invest; all Ottawa residents are welcome to join as members for a $100 per person one time fee. To find out more about the co-op, go to www.ottawarenewablenergycoop.ca or email ottawacommunityenergy@gmail.com.

(your Ecology Ottawa rep in Champlain Park)

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