Ecology Ottawa aims at 10,000 Signatures

This update to an earlier blog post explains the next phase in our efforts to stop sewage going into the river.

As of the end of March more than 1000 letters were sent to local MPs, more than 10 community associations – including ours – sent official letters, a “cut the crap” press conference on the frozen river got wide media exposure (see YouTube at the end of this post). As a result cabinet minister John Baird brought the topic up at a post-budget speech, putting responsibility on the City of Ottawa; mayor Jim Watson then publicly disagreed.

So we’ve got their attention, but we haven’t yet gotten the money needed to stop the 400+ million liters of untreated sewage spills happening every year.

Ecology Ottawa is now launching the next stage of its campaign to stop this revolting and irresponsible problem.

1) We’ve started a petition with a target of 10,000 signatures. You can sign that here:

2) We’re inviting high school students to earn their required volunteer hours with Ecology Ottawa, in teams gathering petition signatures in their own neighbourhoods. They can sign up here:

3) We’ve begun the Ecology Ottawa Community Network with local organizers in neighbourhoods across Ottawa to manage this campaign and others in the future. You can help out with that by going here.

Ecology Ottawa is a not-for-profit, grassroots, volunteer-driven organization working to make Ottawa the green capital of Canada.

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