Garage Sale

Yes, it’s that time of year again!

Time to buy back all that stuff you sold to your neighbour last year, but at twice the price.

We are planning to hold the community-wide garage sale again this year.
As usual, it will be held on the first Saturday in June.

Event date:  Saturday June 2, 2012.
Rain date:  Should it be pouring rain, the sale is moved to Sunday, June 3.

We anticipate that residents on Island Park will take part as well.

Think about donating a portion of your proceeds to the charity of your choice, or  to help support Champlain Park Community Association.

Leftover treasures
If you have leftover treasures when the garage sale ends keep in mind that the Ottawa’s Spring Give Away Weekend  will take place the same weekend as the garage sale  (both days).
See Rules for setting out at your Leftover Treasures at the  “Ottawa’s Spring Give Away Weekend” link provided above.