Website guidelines for Champlain Park committees

Comments and postings submitted by the Champlain Park Community Association, Environment Committee and Development Committee are not pre-moderated.  Each committee should review and agree upon any submission sent to be posted on this website, as it should reflect the views of the committee, rather than the views of an individual.

Here are some guidelines to follow when posting information from your committee on the Champlain Park Community website:

  1. Please observe copyright rules for graphics, photos and text. That includes copying and pasting from other sites without permission and attribution.
  2. Do not violate the privacy of any individual. That means asking permission to take/use a photo if a face is clearly identifiable. Ask if it’s OK to post contact information.
  3. Permission must be requested for development drawings.
  4. Confirm names are spelled correctly and that the subject has given permission to be quoted.
  5. Do not post text in caps (this is difficult to read and in online speak it looks like you’re shouting).
  6. No submissions that can be construed as personal attacks or defamatory statements.
  7. No racist, sexist or offensive language.

Comments that violate these rules will be removed from the site.

Committee members can submit information they would like to have posted using email, or they can post the information themselves if they have a WordPress account.  Adrian will provide training for anyone interested in learning how to use WordPress.

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