Environmental survey – fill it out!

The Champlain Park Environment Committee is establishing
an environmental strategy for our neighbourhood. We
would like to understand our neighbourhood’s views and
practices related to environmental issues.
We would appreciate it if one person in each household
would complete the survey delivered with this issue of the
Champlain Speaker.
Completed surveys can be dropped off at:
• 141 Keyworth Ave.,
• 118 Clearview Ave., or
• 201 Daniel Ave.
If you would like to fill out the survey on-line, go to http://
The closing date for the survey is January 31, 2012. We hope
to re-issue the survey in coming years to see what change is
taking place. Thank you fortaking the time to complete the
–Brian Tychie
To join the Environment Committee or learn more about its
activities contact the chair, Nick Xenos at 719-7780. Email
Nick at

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