The Community Association

This is the official site for the CPCA
Champlain Statue, Nepean Point, Ottawa, Canada

The Executive officers:
Co-chair Lynne Bankier
Co-chair Heather Pearl
Vice-chair Jonathan Chaplan
Fieldhouse Coordinator Laurie Fagan
Secretary Liz Gyalokay
Treasurer & Membership Coordinator Joan Dorsay
Environment Committee Coordinator Nick Xenos
Communications Committee Coordinator Adrian Bradley
Member at Large Dennis Van Staalduinen
Development Committee Coordinator Duncan Bury
Member at Large & FCA representative Roland Dorsay
Program Volunteer Coordinator Carol Arnason
Communications Committee:
Coordinator (exec) Adrian Bradley
Events Liaison (exec) Carol Arnason
Website Updates Alexander Smith
Delivery Chief Kelly Egan
Twitter Jeanette Rule
Development Committee:
Coordinator (exec) Duncan Bury
Member (exec) Heather Pearl
Member (exec) Lynne Bankier
Member (exec) Jonathan Chaplan
Neighbourhood Watch:
Coordinator Sarah Livermore
Community Police Cst. Dawn Neilly
Membership Coordinator (exec) Joan Dorsay
Amy’s Corner Speaker Column:
Columnist Amy Kemptster Steele
Neighbourhood Clean-up:
Coordinator Andrea Murphy
Coordinator Ian Reid